Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vintage toys shop

This is one of my favourite shops in town. It's a tiny place that sells little antique items, mostly objects. They always have a special selection of toys and they often dedicate their tiny window to this collection. This time I particularly liked it because they displayed in a casual way many different toys of the '900. I am very fond the long nosed wooden marionette Pinocchio, one of the most popular italian kid's stories, written by Carlo Collodi. You can see another italian typical character, the big eared mouse in the middle, he is called Topo Gigio and he became famous in the seventies in a tv programme. Both of them two of my fav toys as a child!


slim said...

This is a great catch. I wondr if they come alive at night???? Haven't thought of Topo Gigio in a few years . . . thanks for the memories.

nobu said...

Topo GigIo is also popular in Japan.
When I was a boy, I often watch the TV.

jill said...

Such a nice display of toys from the past. I can imagine this a wonderful shop in which to discover some nice surprises. I've been having computer woes so am just catching up.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wonderful! I recognised pinocchio. Good to learn about Topo Gigio too!

My grandfather's name was Henrico Lora. One day I would like to see where he came from in Italy. My dad speaks a little Italian but the only sentence I can actually remember is "Not to bad thanks!" in response to "Good morning, how did you sleep?"
I don't know how to write it though as I;m not sure how it's all spelt! Oh...and I know fa la fotografia! (or atleast I think I do!)hmmm...a lot to learn.

Thanks for a lovely post and for visiting mine. I enjoyed the post below too. Great haiuku:)

Saretta said...

There's another famous mouse in there, too. Mr. Mickey Mouse, who is 80 years old now!

JM said...

Old toys are so cool!

babooshka said...

How interesting.Topo used to be on here many years ago.

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