Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aperitivo in Piazza Erbe

Today I went out for a walk in the late afternoon, or, I should say, early evening, it was 6.30 pm.
At this time people look so relaxed, hang out at bars, have aperitives. I saw a guy who was almost reclined on his bike and sipping his drink while talking to his friends... I regret I couldn't bring myself to take a photo... Many people finish work at seven and rush to make a little shopping until closing time, which is, strangely, as early as 7,30.

I took this pic in Piazza Erbe, where all the bars were bustling with people having a good time.
This is where I like to have a glass of white wine before dinner, although it doesn't happen often!

Do you ever have an aperitive out with friends and where?


My Life In Montreal said...

Thanks for your comment and I wrote you back on my blog.

Nice blog by the way and I'll come back to see more wonderful photos. I sort have a friend who recently moved to Verona from Rome.

Take care.

Ming the Merciless said...

This is what I envision in my mind when I think of Italy -- big piazza, outdoor cafe, beautiful people drinking wine and aperitive. SO I love this photo.

I go out with my friend after work at least once a week, usually for dinner. We don't go out to drink aperitive or wine -- that is way too sophisticated for us. ;-)

The restaurants and supermarkets here are usually open until midnight. In fact, there are three 24-hour supermarkets near my apartment.

jill said...

What a lovely shot Valeria. So inviting.

Fio said...

Che serata meravigliosa...
Tornano i ricordi d'estate!

Saluti da Gliwice (Polonia).
Piove :(

Madison Avenue Baby said...

There are only a few places here where people sit outside like this. There are lots of places at the beach but it's too cold now.
We don't have the piazzas here so there is not as much space. We do have some small outdoor seating places and they usually fill up with people when the weather is nice.

Mo said...

Oh yes I enjoy an aperitif with friends.

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