Monday, October 27, 2008

San Fermo

This beautiful church is very close to where we live. It has a complex architecture and a stunning brick work. Here is a short excerpet from the Associazione Chiese Vive Verona web site:

Between 1065 and 1143 the Benedictine monks realized a great project. They built two Romanesque churches: the lower church to keep the relics, the upper to be used for religious functions. In 1261 the complex was handed over to the Franciscans, who transformed the upper church into its present form.

Whenever I pass I am captured by the artistic work. I look at the lower rows of terracotta bricks and think about the hand who placed it there, "the builder"that actually put one brick after another, a man that existed centuries ago, that had a family and a life, a medieval life, surely not an easy one.

Have you read "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett?


Ann said...

Beautiful building. I have read The Pillars of the Earth and loved it. I'm now waiting for the sequel, which I can't remember to name of, to be available here in paperback.

Ming the Merciless said...

Valeria, thank you again for the award. It is greatly appreciated.

No, I have not read the book by Ken Follett. I am more of a magazine reader. :-) But I do read travel books.

Aside from the talents of the artisans and 'builders' who erected the church, what amazes me more is their ability to do it all without modern technology and machinery.

JM said...

Very impressive architecture! I've done an excellent shot!

JM said...

I meant: ''you've done...'' Sorry, sorry...

nobu said...

You are happy, living by such a beautiful church.

Jyl said...

I've often thought similar things...who has been married in churches like these, or who has been buried and the lives they affected while they were on earth. But I've never thought about the people who actually built it - that's an interesting vantage point.

And, no, I have yet to read Pillars of the Earth. But I will have to add it to my list if you recommend it :)

lettingo said...

Thanks! Your great picture and blog helped me identify one of my photos from my recent trip to Italy. We were at a bus stop across the street coming from "Juliet's house", & I thought the brickwork was beautiful too!

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