Friday, October 10, 2008

National Day for Paralympic Sports

This morning in Piazza Bra the Italian Paralympic Committee presented the third national day for paralympic sports. Young disabled demonstrated different sports, such as basket, handbike, torball, judo and many others. Highschool students took part to the games sitting on a wheelchair to experience their playmates difficulties.
Guest stars of the event were some Olimpic gold medals, both disabled and not. In this photo you can spot two olympic swimmers, Luca Marin and Federica Pellegrini, both in white t-shirts (she is a bit hidden).

I was really, really touched by these young disabled, they played with such an enthusiasm and, above all, they were really having fun. Some of them were struggling and I could see the strong determination that lead them to undertake sport and I tried to imagine how important it must be in their lives. I received a great life lesson today.


Lisa Sarsfield said...

I came here from CDP.

I love your blog, my ancestory is Italian (Italian Grandfather) and I long to visit and see Italy for myself. For now I will visit you:)

Thanks for the unique photos.

nobu said...

They makes me recall something precious I had forgotten.

Hyde DP said...

I wouldn't have thought that reflective flooring would be too good for traction with wheelchairs.

Great event though.

Ming the Merciless said...

It is definitely an inspiration to see them play. Great subject!!

jill said...

It is good to know that disabled sports are getting a high profile around the world. They are so inspiring to see. Very nice coverage Valeria.

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