Sunday, October 19, 2008

My salad today

Today I take a break with views of the town and present one of my special salads! This is not quite veronese but you may happen to be served one if you came to visit me in Verona, so far.
I make a salad everyday, I am a serious salad eater!

Today I had one at lunchtime. For the base I mix different qualities of lettuce (often I get the ready ones, those that come in little leaves), sometimes I add carrots and tomatoes or a boiled potato. Then I add the "substantial" ingredient, mainly ham, bresaola, tuna, avocado (like today), emmentaler cheese, mozzarella, chicken, etc. To finish, I add some dried tomatoes (perfect with avocado and tuna, rather than ham, because they're both salty), or pickled ginger (the sliced one that is normally served with sushi - I get it from London!). Then I sprinkle some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar and accompany the plate with light crackers. It's so yummy!

Which is your favourite salad?


jill said...

My favorite salad is...this one!! I love salad also, with lots of things in it, though I have never had one with boiled potato. Do you have salad bars in restaurants where you make your own from dozens of items?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh yum!! That looks delicious. I know you said it's not a traditional local salad but is it customary to eat so many salads? I could seriously get used to that....

nobu said...

Many of ingredient, I think it is healthy. I'd like to have it.
Especialy thoes ham are looks delicious.
In Japan we often have boiled potato with salada

Lost in Sicily said...

I am a big salad eater too, and will have to try your combination -- it is pretty to look at and I am sure even tastier. If I don't eat salad every day, my day doesn't feel quite right. Really bitter rucola and radicchio are my favorites, and I love avocado too.

Rossana said...

Sniff! Se penso a ciò che ho mangiato in questi due giorni, mi sparerei.
Sopporta le mie lagne, Valeria, please. Sniff sniff. :(

Madison Avenue Baby said...

You should be a professional salad maker. That salad looks delicious and makes me want to go grab some avocados for lunch tomorrow.

Ming the Merciless said...

The salad looks really beautiful and delicious. The colors are so beautiful.

I love salads but I rarely make it myself. My favorite is Cesare salad, arugala salad with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar, and Greek salad with feta cheese.

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