Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rock concert

Yesterday evening I was out and took this photo. The square was very crowded with the people waiting to get in the Arena for "Ligabue" concert, a very famous italian singer.

The Arena, a huge roman amphiteatre (resembling the Coliseum of Rome, just a bit smaller), two thousand years old, is still used as a big outdoor theatre. Can you imagine sitting in such an ancient structure for a rock concert? Roman architecture matched with..., say, ... Bjork (she sang here last july), a great stage lights show and superb audio power...

Isn't it such a interesting combination?


nobu said...

It's exciting!

jill said...

Valeria, I've seen this coliseum on tv used for plays and such, but never for a rock concert! You got a great night shot

Saretta said...

I love Ligabue! The amphitheater's not bad either! ;-)

Ming the Merciless said...

Cool photo. Did you use a tripod for this photo?

I love the amphitheater structure and design. Outdoor concerts are always fun but I bet it's amazing in an ancient site like this.

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