Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ponte Scaligero

This is one of my favourite buildings of Verona, Ponte di Castelvecchio, also known as Ponte Scaligero.
It was built in three years, most likely in 1354-1356, by Cangrande II della Scala (hence the name Scaligero) to grant him a safe way of escape from the annexed castle in the event of a rebellion of the population against his tyrannic rule. The bridge was totally destroyed by the retreating German troops on April 25, 1945. A faithful reconstruction begun in 1949 and was finished in 1951.
I like the three arches and their different size. I often pass on this bridge coming from the town centre (on the right) to take my daughter to a little park that's just at the other side of the bridge. Click here to see my previous post featuring the bridge, the one about the two girls who skipped school!


jill said...

This is a beautifully designed bridge. How nice that it was reconstructed and kept true to it's original form. When I look at our utilitarian, metal, erector-set style bridge over our river, I feel like I'm living on another planet!

Kitty said...

Does castelvecchio mean old castle?
Scarpa renovated part of this museum, right? I love his sensibilities and detailing.

He designed the Olivetti showroom in Venice, too, which I saw while there. We also traveled out to the Brion cemetary, which was a little hike, but very cool to see!

valeria said...

Kitty, that's right, Castelvecchio means old castle. And, yes, Scarpa renovated the part of the castle that hosts the Museum.

nobu said...

I think the ratio of the three arcs makes the bridge more beautifl.

Saretta said...

Pretty bridge...so Italian!

Sara N said...

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Anonymous said...

The name "Verona" caught my eye and I began to think of who might have a daily photo about Verona. A small hamlet not far from where I was born. It has less than 100 families in it. I assume it was named for your city or some other city overseas. You have a nice blog here.

nobu said...

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