Monday, October 20, 2008

Mysterious object

I was heading home when I found this scene in front of me. There was this mysterious object that was walking down the road, followed by the two guys with their hands behind their backs.
I spotted the feet of two persons walking inside the "legs" of the object and carefully making it walk, like two giant legs made of super coloured stuff, cotton, wool, plastic bits, gold and silver paper etc.
I have no idea what it is. But I didn't even ask, I might find it out sometime. I just wanted to show it to you, maybe you have a guess?


Hilda said...

It looks like the rear end of a very colorful poodle!

That is such a curious thing to see walking down your neighborhood! When you find out what is, tell us! :)

Ann said...

It looks like it should be part of a street parade. How strange.

nobu said...

Every one look it.
I think they appear some where evry weekend.
Is that street car free?

jill said...

That is hilarious. By the look on everyone's face, I'd say they were equally puzzled! I imagine the two 'body guards' were just making sure no one grabbed a handful of..feathers?? Not exactly my color scheme...

Lost in Sicily said...

Whatever it is, it must have taken a long time to make! And I wonder how it was made???

Ming the Merciless said...

It looks like a carnival float. :-)

Apparently, you weren't the only who was curious because EVERYONE in the photo was staring at it too.

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