Sunday, October 5, 2008

Train models shop

This is the window of a tiny shop in Piazza San Zeno. I know it's been there for many many years. They sell all types of train models and accessories. Whenever we are here, we stop and observe: there are always different sets. It can be green hills and the trains, a railway station or just the trains. This time the set was quite outstanding: the square on the back of a german little town's railway station: many people, tables, a fountain, ancient buildings.

Do you know anyone who collects train models?


Hope said...

Our family loves trains...and love to see the train models and layouts with all the tiny homes, buildings, and people. Enjoyed this post!

Kitty said...

how adorable?
I'd think this store would be very busy. Who could resist?

Ming the Merciless said...

A beautiful and colorful window display.

I assume the 19,00 Euros are for the building only and not the little people, benches and bicycles. :-)

No, I don't know anyone who collects toy trains.

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