Friday, October 3, 2008

Morning coffee

This is one of my favourite places for a nice coffee in the morning. It is very close to home so after I have dropped my daughter at the nursery school I often come here for a (finally) quiet coffee break. Sometimes I meet other moms who have dropped their little ones too (there are two schools nearby) and we have a little chat. If I am alone I indulge in reading the newspaper with no hurry.

The place is called Caffé Dersut and it is part of the franchising project of a well established coffee company. There are at least two in the centre of town. I like it because the place, for a start, is simple and really nice and secondly because they have really good coffee and quite a wide choice of yummy pastries (much more than average coffee bars). One thing that I immediately found interesting is that they also have half-pastries! You can get a really yummy half nutella pastry and not feel too guilty for either eating it all nor for leaving half in the plate. Great idea!
They also sell coffee, you can see the different types in the photos. You choose the blend and they will grind it and put it in a lovely paper bag. Mmmmhhh, nothing compares freshly ground coffee!


Hope said...

This looks to be heaven to me! Quiet time, chats with friends, and lots of sweets! Just heaven!

Tanya said...

I bet it smells heavenly inside!

Ming the Merciless said...

HA! I like the half pastry idea. They should have this in the US because the serving sizes here are always sooo big.

That said, may I have 2 half pastries please. :-)

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