Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tomato sauce

This is a close up on the cherry tomato sauce I prepared yesterday and this is all I can post today.

Unfortunately the computer is having HUGE problems and keeps turning off every ten minutes. I cannot overload it with more photos, it's old and already stuffed to death.
I am so sorry I might not post in the next days....sigh!
But I will come back SOON!


jill said...

Oh so sorry about your computer. It can be very frustrating. If it's shutting down after about 10 minutes, it could be a heat problem -- have you taken the cover off and blown out the dust recently? Your tomato sauce looks yummy. I have a couple gallons of still green ones on the vine, hoping they will ripen before the first frost.

nobu said...

Looks delicious!
It is tasty.

Saretta said...

Help! I'm drowning in tomatoes!!!

Come back soon, Valeria, I will miss you and Verona if you are gone for long!

Tamera said...

Well this looks so delicious I can almost smell the aroma all the way over here in Colorado! And thank you for your comments on my blog! Unfortunately one of your comments got lost in cyberspace, it's gone forever, but I appreciate the thought. I am enjoying CDP very much even though it's only my fourth post so far :o) Being part of this blogging community is like taking a little trip around the world every day. I will have to go to the international shop and get some pandoro. Thanks for your little peek into the true Italian life.

Tamera (P.S. I too love Talking Heads and Cesaria Evora! Good stuff.)

Tamera said...

O ho, I just found your other comment! Thanks again! Ciao! Tamera

smarties said...

come back soon please!
I' m from Verona, but I live in Copenhagen - I need your blog for my everyday picture from home! :-)

Lost in Sicily said...

hope your computer gets well soon!

Ming the Merciless said...

You need a new computer for Christmas. *hint* *hint*

So did you serve it over pasta?

Kitty said...

oh no!
good luck with your computer! oy!

it's best to back up your photos, anyway. You can get a large hard drive for not too much and dump all your archived photos onto it.

best not to risk a compete meltdown. Good luck!!

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