Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fieracavalli, International Horse Show

This week a huge event is taking place in Verona: Fieracavalli, the International Horse Festival. Along with Vinitaly (International Wine Exhibition), Fieracavalli is the biggest event hosted by the town exhibition centre. It has a very long tradition, in fact, the first edition coincided with the foundation of the Verona Exhibition Authority, in 1898!
I saw lots and lots of horses today, but I want to show you the butteri (I really suggest you click this, it's really interesting!), as they come from my land, southern Tuscany (as well as northern Lazio, to be fair). They are our "cow-boys" as they work with the vacche maremmane.
These signori were queuing at one of the maremmano food stalls to order their lunch (acquacotta, ravioli, cinghiale, etc.).


Rambling Round said...

These are some dressed-up dudes!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the cowboy attires -- very chic and aristocratic.

The people of Verona are so lucky to have such a rich and long history.

nobu said...

At first sight, I thought it was scene of movie.
Wonderful, and I like thoes boots.
I have just visited the link of butteri. It is exciting, I think they have Samurai spirit.

Sharon said...

These fellows look an awful lot like what we call 'cowboys'. I loved the reading about them and their work on the link you posted. Very interesting.

Jilly said...

Wonderful! The clothes make this photograph a painting - somehow time has been forgotten. We are in the past. Look forward to more photograph of this event.

I loved your photograph of Lake Garda too. I was there a couple of years ago - a beautiful place.

jill said...

Well dressed 'cowboys'. I assume these are their 'show' clothes. Very different from the working cowboys in Oregon.

Lost in Sicily said...

Italian cowboys have style (and good appetites!). Who can blame them with the culinary delights available in your region (I am also partial to Northern Lazio, which I explored alot when living in Rome, as beautiful as Tuscany, just more 'wild' somehow). What do you think?

Saretta said...

Hey, that guy in the center is rather sexy with his hat pulled down over his eyes!

angel said...

Sai chi ha vinto The World Cup (três tambores)?
André Coelho e Ana paula Zillo. Ana Paula é brasiliana, nata qua nella mia cittá e é stata alunna mia quando picollina. Auguri per la Bella festa "Fieracavalli" e auguri a Ana Paula.

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