Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas lights (and shadows)

Christmas shopping has "formally" begun yesterday, when all the Christmas lights were switched on. It is my impression that this year the lighting scheme was improved to create a more special atmosphere and attract more people to buy, in such a bad economical period.
It is also my impression that shops are still more or less empty, except for the people who hang about, browse, touch the merchandise and walk out. Only a few buy.
Shall we finally understand the real meaning of Christmas?


nobu said...

This photo is very atmospheric.
I love it.

jill said...

A nice street scene Valeria. We ventured out yesterday as well, but to walk through the inside mall and to enjoy the lights.

Lindab said...

Imagine the surge in power use across the world as all these Christmas lights are switched on. There's something to be said for candles!
All the same, your Christmas lights do look very beautiful, and I'm sure they would tempt me into a bit of shopping.

Ming the Merciless said...

The Christmas holiday is over-commercialized here too.

We had a huge sale on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. It is the #1 shopping day of the year.

Randy said...

I would love to walk down this street just to see the lights.

Fredrik said...

If people don't start shopping again, the economical crisis will only be worse, I'm afraid.

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