Saturday, November 8, 2008

Roman guards

If you pass by the Arena in the morning, you may stumble in two funny characters. They are dressed up like roman guards, the centurioni and hang around inviting tourists to stop and have a photograph taken with them, but not for free, of course!
So many times I have tried to photograph them, but I didn't want them to spot me and maybe ask me money! A few days ago they seemed less concentrated on the people around them, so I snapped a shot!


sondha said...

Ho avuto l'impressione di vedere un pezzo di Roma :-) anche al Colosseo si vedono passeggiare i centurioni. Bellissima atmosfera

Greg Dimitriadis said...

Very cool! I saw roman soldiers outside the Colosseum in Rome a couple of times but they were completely swamped by tourists. That took away from the authenticity. Well done!

nobu said...

You did'nt miss the chance.
They were strucked by your arrow.

babooshka said...

You got them perfectly. I hope it's not too cold there!

Rossana said...

Uaaa! ma non avranno freddo? :D

JM said...

If it wasn't the lamp (and the pavement) it could be 'the roman empire before the fall'! :-)
Great capture!

David -- said...

Two years ago I was in Verona at the Arena with a friend who stood next to a woman who was dressed in a Roman outfit that was rather skimpy. She had a sword. As he stood next to her for the photo, she asked him: "Would you like me to slay you?" He replied: "Oh please, do slay me."

His wife then took the photo and paid the woman the expected amount of money, and my friend had a memory of being slayed by a scantily clad female Roman gladiator.

Ming the Merciless said...

Excellent photo. I have a chuckle because the guy on the left looked cold in his skimpy uniform.

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