Monday, November 17, 2008

Fairy tale castle

A lovely, sunny sunday... We drove in the countryside and reached Borghetto, a tiny, pictoresque, old village on the river Mincio. I am not showing you the village, though, but the fairy tale castle that overlooks the river from the top of a hill.
After lunch we came here, on this road that runs near the river and had a nice walk.
You may see more photos on my other blog, hopefully tomorrow evening...

How did you spend your sunday?


lunarossa said...

Very nice, looks like Cinderella's castle. As I wrote before, it does not look like winter over there. Ciao. Antonella

nobu said...

I'm looking forward to see your blog tomorrow.

Ming the Merciless said...

The castle does look very fairy tale-ish. I'm looking forward to more photos of Borghetto.

On Sunday, I took my parents to the airport, then went to the walkathon, had brunch with friends and then went home to nap. :-)

glenda said...

This castle looks like castles in many fairy tales I read to my children when they were young. Sunday in the early morning my dog and I went for a long walk in the desert. And then to coffee shop for java and dog bisquet.

jill said...

Very nice the way you framed the castle, to see only forest.

Lost in Sicily said...

So beautiful. What a nice way to spend your Sunday, surrounded by green and with a beautiful castle in the distance.

Rossana said...

In questi giorni ho ripensato a Valeggio sul Mincio, dove sono stata una volta forse un anno fa.
C'era un borgo piccolo, con negozi incastonati tra le pietre. In uno, in particolare, vendevano cose meravigliose per Natale (forse era proprio il periodo giusto), ero rimasta a bocca aperta -ma senza soldi nel portafoglio, quindi all'asciutto in ogni senso-.

Ricordo però che il posto era bellissimo, anche se non c'era nessuno, anche se faceva freddissimo. Avevo fatto tappa in un baruccio vicino a un parcheggio, una roba un po' country. C'era ancora una papera solitaria che faceva il bagno, e la luce dell'acqua era vividissima, uno specchio incantevole.
Ci tornerei.

Danial said...

This castel is beautiful.
In sunday i went to university and i have exam . I exam is good.

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