Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's last ray of sun

I caught the last ray of sun today, on the corner of a building I like a lot. It was around four pm and the light was dramatically changing.

It's getting rather chilly here, as I walked, I tightened my scarf and put on my leather gloves.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Valeria,
Thank you so much for your nice comments. My son like to take photos, but he is Engineer Agronomist. He was last year to Italy for a Fruit Fair, in Cezena. Then I created a blog for show up his photos that he took in Italy, named Imagens - Photos from Italy.

In my main blog, Leaves of Grass, I show up the place I have been living since 1998. (I was born and raised in São Paulo.)

I am glad I found your blog!
Have a nice week ahead!

PS: Sorry my weak English and unfortunatelly I don't know write in Italian, but I can understand a little. My great-grandfather was Italian. His name was Antonio Marmo.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Valeria, sorry, I forgot to mention that your photo is amazing! Great light and perspective! Well done!

Hilda said...

Wonderful! I also love the patio (?) up there.

Your sun is setting at 4pm? That's so early!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Beautiful, Valeria! Great shot.
It's getting cold here too. Sunny days feel warm but when the sun sets, brrrr!

nobu said...

Fine contrast, wonderful!!

Lost in Sicily said...

brrrr, sounds chilly, but the clear skies and sunlight make it a little bit easier to stand I hope (at least I am a warm blooded creature and assume that others also dislike being cold, but maybe you like the cold?)

jill said...

Nice photo Valeria. I was just noticing our late afternoon long shadows today. Makes for some different shots.

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