Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maria Callas in Verona

Maria Callas arrived in Verona from the USA in 1947. Here she will meet her future husband, a rich veronese with a superb villa in the country village near Verona. They got married in a little church in town and lived happy years here whilst her brilliant career took off at the Arena. In 1959 she met Aristotele Onassis and left her husband and Verona, starting that difficult relationship that ended so badly both for her private life and her career.

This building is very close to where I live. You can see a marble plate claiming that Callas lived in this corner flat, during her early stay in Verona, before she got married to Giovan Battista Meneghini.


Ann said...

Fascinating. I don't know much about Callas.

jill said...

The building is beautiful. Vibrant color and looks so nice in the bright sunlight.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Beautiful building. It is a shame her relationship ended badly with Ari. She should have stayed with the Italian man.
(Thanks for visiting my blog, Valeria, I have left answers to your questions).

nobu said...

I like this angle.
this building has nice colour.

Ming the Merciless said...

What a lovely building! I would love to live there for a couple of months.

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