Monday, November 3, 2008

Autumn wind

A sudden gust of wind,
leaves flow everywhere,
whirling down on the cars and on my head.
Late afternoon in Verona, a few days ago.


Madison Avenue Baby said...

I love this photo. It really captures the feeling of autumn.
I also took some pictures of some beautiful trees today.You can see them on my blog if you like.

Hilda said...

Wonderful capture! We don't have autumn so this gives me a lovely peek into what it's like. Thank you.

nobu said...

Nice photo and Haiku,Valeria.
I feel coldness of the wind in end of autumn, and also some sence of lonliness.

jill said...

This is a great capture, I can almost feel the gust of wind.

rob said...

Bellissimo momento. Grande tempismo.

Lost in Sicily said...

ohhhh, fall is coming (okay, it is here!) also in Sicily. But wind, leave, and clouds aren't such a bad combination for an afternoon in Verona i think?

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