Friday, September 26, 2008

Torre de' Lamberti

This tower has been overlooking the heart of Verona for eight centuries; its construction dates back to 1172! The higher part, built in white marble hosts two huge bells which were mounted in 1295: the smaller one was used to alarm the population in case of fire; the bigger one was used to summon both the town council and the male population to fight in case the town was being attacked.

Today the tower is a much loved viewpoint and every day hundreds of tourists take a lift (although one can also mount the hundreds of steps...) to the top to admire the view, just above Piazza delle Erbe. I went up there two times and the view is just beautiful. Besides there are so many noticeable details to be spotted from such height... like the lovely, flowery, little terraces on the tiled rooftops, whose existence one cannot even imagine...

Where would you go if you want to see a view over your town?


Ann said...

that's a wonderful shot looking up into the clouds. You should join Skywatch Friday.

Ming the Merciless said...

It's amazing that this beautiful building was built almost 900 years ago and survived.

There are many buildings in NYC that are tall but I won't go up there. I don't like tight places or things that are too high up in the air.

Sarah D said...

I love the perspective of looking up into the clouds!

Passage to Italy said...

There are two twin lighthouses where I live and there is a great view of the ocean, beach, and town. :)

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