Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free press distributors

There are three free press newspapers here in Verona. You can find them in shops and cafés, or sometimes piled in a corner. But there are also girls and boys distributing them, here and there. This morning I spotted two distributors working next to each other, which seemed a bit odd.

I suppose having free information can be fair (although my husband who is a journalist might have a couple of doubts on the subject) but the quantity of papers left everywhere just because you haven't paid for it, is just no good!

Do you have free press newspapers in your town?


Ann said...

We have a free local paper which is thrown onto the front lawn twice a week. A free evening paper in the city (even more trashy than the one you have to pay for)and a couple of free weekly magazines.

Webradio said...

Hello Valeria !

You have always pretty photos...
I'll come back.
See You later.

Saretta said...

Hi Valeria, welcome to CDP! I just noticed your blog and I'm happy to see another Italian daily photo blog! Verona is a lovely city and your photos capture its essence well!

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