Sunday, September 21, 2008

Street musician

This guy is a street musician and plays lovely music. While you are sitting at the restaurant or in a café, he'd come by and play his east european songs. I just love them. Some weeks ago he was playing just opposite the pizzeria where we were having lunch. His sweet, humble look was so striking with the luxury shop at his back...
When he finishes playing he passes among the tables with a hat in one hand where one can put some coins as an offer for the lovely music. He is always so polite and dignified.
I have been seeing him around for years. I knew that he was also asked to go and play at parties!
I like when he is around: music makes everything look nicer and adds a special romantic touch to any place.

Are there street musician where you live?


Anonymous said...

i THINK i just lost the comment. Damnit.

I said this was a drop-dead photograph but I can't tell you what makes it that. It is something about the things in the picture that makes it that to me, at least.

And the previous post is just gorgeous. I think anybody who comes here would be inspired to go have a look at their community.


Note: If there are two by me then you are welcome to delete one of them but please, not both.

Around the World said...

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Ming the Merciless said...

We have lots of street musicians too. Some are good, some not-so-good. :-)

Sometimes, they get in the subway and play inside the station or on the train.

jill said...

Hi Valeria -- welcome to CDP! I am so glad you are sharing scenes of your beautiful city (which i do hope to visit one day).

Wish I could hear the music.

Passage to Italy said...

Hi Valeria!

I love your blog, and am proud to say I've been to your beautiful city. It is so magical, and hope to one day go back to see it again.

Here where I live, there are no street musicians. However, I live an hour away from New York City and there are LOTS of musicians - on the streets or in the subways. Sometimes there is one musician, and sometimes there's an entire band. The genre is always different, from Chinese to African to American.

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