Friday, September 19, 2008

Horse and carriage

Whenever I see this carriage I can't help thinking about this old Sinatra's song
Love and marriage, Love and marriage, go together like horse and carriage!
This is Via Mazzini, one of the shopping streets in the very centre of the town. It is always very very busy. Some weeks ago I was ..."window shopping" at Cartier's (on the right) when I heard the clok clok clok of the horse and quickly pulled out the camera from my bag. I am always surprised when I see it, because it's really lovely and romantic. If I am not wrong it costs 30Euros for one hour ride, but I think you can also do the half an hour ride. This is a recent addition to the town's turist offer and it goes really well, especially in summer. I think I would really enjoy a tour!.


Hyde DP said...

I love Landau rides - did one in Hania, Crete and when we went back for a second one a few days later they took us a different route which was great. That price sounds about right

Ming the Merciless said...

What a lovely photo. I also noticed the street is so clean and shiny, like polished marble.

jill said...

How fun! I imagine this is a great slow-paced way to see the city.

btw -- look at a previous post.

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