Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ham and Mozzarella

I come to this shop almost everyday. It's a tiny "alimentari" that sells fresh products and the average stuff like pasta, biscuits, canned tomatoes, wine...
Although I buy weekly at the supermarket, there is always something I need like fresh milk or some nice prosciutto crudo di Parma (special ham) or other delicious salumi, all shown in the photo. They also have a selection of cheeses from the south of Italy: my favourites are the Mozzarella di Bufala and the Scamorza (sometimes smoked).
I walk in with one item to buy and I tend to get more than that: some bread? Yes, and maybe some fresh salad? Oh yes, there is a little selection of fruits and vegetables so I often pick up some loooovely basilico (basil) for my tomato sauce... And..yes...bananas, they have the best ones! Oooh, and those black olives! Mmmhh... after all, the shop is called "La bottega delle cose buone"!


jill said...

What a friendly, efficient shop this seems. So many wonderful specialties (to me). No pastries?

Ming the Merciless said...

You must show us some photos of the food you cooked.

The ham and salumi in the photo look soooo good. Add some cheese and bread, I'll have a meal.

Every time I travel outside of the US, I always visit the local supermarkets or food stores. It's always interesting to see what people use and eat in their countries.

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