Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last summer days

This photo was taken a few days ago when the temperature was still very hot (around 30C). Piazza delle Erbe is the very heart of the town and so it has been since roman times, two thousand years ago. It is always very busy both with tourists and veronesi for whom it's a perfect meeting point. The market stalls sell fruits and veg but also straw hats, bags and all kind of (tacky) souvenirs.
There is a beautiful marble floor and stunning painted medieval buildings on the right. The arches below host cafés with outside chairs and umbrellas where I often sit for a coffee, watching the scene: a perfect moment of the day.

Do you have a special place for your coffee or tea?


Ming the Merciless said...

This scenery can easily be from any of the Italian operas. I'm so glad to see Verona respects and cherishes the old buildings and preserves it so nicely.

As for coffee, I like cappuccinos. I was told Italians only drink them in the morning, is that true? Most of us in the US drink cappuccinos after dinner.

valeria said...

After dinner is just nonsense Ming!!! Cappuccino is for breakfast, certanly, but also for any time of the day if as it provides warmth, comfort and calories.
You could do that in NY but if you came to Italy you wouldn't like to be immediately recognized as a foreigner. Would you?

honza03 said...

I've been to Verona few years ago and its lovely to see the familiar places once again. Valeria, big thanks to you for starting this blog :)

Honza from Prague

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