Thursday, September 25, 2008

Piazza dei Signori

I like the mix of architectural styles here. Piazza dei Signori was created in medieval times and since then it has always been the place of political and administrative power of the town. The brick building, Palazzo del Podestà, hosts the province offices, while the yellow building is called Loggia di Fra Giocondo and was built to host the town council although today it is used for art exhibitions.

The square is adjacent to Piazza Erbe and it's a favourite meeting point for moms with kids. I have made friends with a bunch of mothers so we often come here in the afternoon. We sit on the marble step just beneath the arches while our children play. We call the square Piazza Dante, (rather than dei Signori), because of the poet's statue. I like it as an alternative to the Park for my daughter: good to play among art and history treasures!

Which is a favourite moms and children place in your town?


Jilly said...

What a beautiful square and a gorgeous photograph of it.

Saretta said...

Nice piazza! In Molfetta we have the Villa Comunale which has lots of benches, an ice cream kiosk, room for running around and a playground area for smaller children. There are also 2 other parks with playgrounds but they are so vandalised it's no fun to play there.

p.s. Molfetta is in Puglia :-))

Ming the Merciless said...

I love this medieval square It's gorgeous. Wish we have something like this in NYC.

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