Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fruit and vegetable shop

This little shop, just off Piazza delle Erbe, sells delicious vegetables, fruits and special exotic products.
Also they specialize in having the earliest fruits, before they hit every market.
I like it because the stuff is always carefully displayed in wooden boxes or baskets and there are also special decorations, this time is laurel branches.
Plus, they write the price along with long and mouthwatering descriptions of each product, like say, "delicious, sweet, juicy peaches", or "crispy, refreshing lettuce" and "the sweetest red onions of Tropea" and so on.
All is really lovely and worth stopping and admire, and I am sure they sell the best on the market, but the prices are reeeally high! Once I was tempted to buy a handful of early season (like no one had them yet) cherries and they cost as much as two kilos when they are on every market stall!


Ann said...

Hi Valeria, thanks for visiting. In answer to your question, I checked the "recently added" section of City Daily Photos to see what was new and I saw Verona, a city a visited a long time ago and absolutely loved.

Ming the Merciless said...

How lovely! The descriptions of the fruits do sound delicious.

We have small fruit stalls like these near the subway stations and they are usually very expensive too. For us, it's more for convenience than anything else. You can get some fruits on the way home instead of having to stop at the supermarket.

Rambling Round said...

Sounds like these folks know good sales techniques. Welcome to the CDPB.

babooshka said...

Would love to wander down there, That food just look so tempting.

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