Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Museo di Storia Naturale

Yesterday we visited the Natural Science Museum. It's not too big but it has a long history and quite interesting collections. Francesco Calzolari, a veronese chemist, was among the first in Europe to establish a small natural science museum in the sixteenth century. Throughout the centuries other naturalists continued to care for and improve the original collection.
There is a huge collection of fossils from Bolca which show that millions of years ago the whole Pianura Padana was sea! 
This photo shows another stunning piece: the skeleton head of a huge Mammouth found a few km from Verona!


Virginia said...

OH MY! A mammouth! That's pretty amazing. Bravo Verona!!

Anonymous said...

Heee, we often used to go there. Worth a visit!

m_m said...

Very interesting, I'd like to visit such place, good to know where to find it:)

nobu said...

It seems be a interesting place.
I can stay there all day long.

Ming the Merciless said...

That is an impressive Mammouth skull. I like the way it was presented so people can see it from the sides as well, instead of being placed inside a flat glass display against the wall.

USelaine said...

Yes, I agree that this is a splendid way to present the skeleton! I like how you framed this too.

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