Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arena on air

This morning  Piazza Bra was "on air" on Rai2, the second channel of the italian public TV.
The topic was about the veronese carnival: 479 years of history. The morning show "outdoor" presenter (in the orange jacket) invited some representative masks and the president of the carnival committee. In this photo she was interviewing the two helpers of the "Papà del gnoco", (father of the dumpling, standing behind with the big white beard) the main carachter of the carnival. The other masks were: the Duca della Pignatta, the King of Gold, the King and Queen.

I am always surprised to see how many people work for the production of even the smallest scene of a commercial or an airing like this...


nobu said...

Nice composition.
Valeria, you never miss the chance.

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

I love your blog and photos. Also adore Verona! What a beautiful place.

Clueless in boston said...

Beautiful location. I'm a little surprised that the on air presenter is dressed like she is out for a hike. She looks so out of place next to those beautifully costumed members of the carnival.

Saretta said...

For Clueless, Italian TV presenters are often more casually dressed than their US counterparts.

Nice foto!

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