Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekly market and the new veronesi

 Yesterday morning the sun shone brightly and me and my mummy (who's temporarily visiting) went for a long walk all the way to San Zeno district. When we arrived in the square we found the small weekly market just in front of San Zeno Cathedral
I particularly liked this stall for the bright colours and it was interesting to notice that the buyers were these two indian ladies, while the vendors were chinese. Nothing strange, so far, especially for american readers, but here in Italy immigration is a relatively new phenomenon and - especially here in the north - it is often an issue. 
I liked the contrast between the old tradition represented by the ancient cathedral and the new veronesi: people coming from far away and trying hard to build a new life in a foreign country.


nobu said...

It's colourful.

It was fine,I think you had a nice day.

Lindab said...

That's a very thoughtful juxtaposition. Well captured!

Kitty said...

hm, looks like purple and pink is in.
it looks cold there!

Saretta said...

Yes, the same phenomenon is happening here in the South, as well, but perhaps to a lesser extent...since there are fewer opportunities for work down here.

A note to Kitty - purple is THE color this year! Get something purple now if you want to be "alla moda"! ;-)

lunarossa said...

Lovely colours, Valeria. A very "ethnic" shot. It is nice to see something like this in a historical place like Verona...Ciao. Antonella

mkhansen said...

Very interesting photo and post. Two kinds of "rebuilding" going on here. My 6-year-old daughter would go crazy for all the pink and purple!

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