Friday, January 30, 2009

Love debris

I seem to have opened up a discussion about graffitis. Although in my post yesterday I didn't condemn the graffitis, I want to point out that I truly hate to see horrible spray writings on buildings or anywhere, it is indeed such a lack of respect and here in town I see so many... sometimes I shiver, like when I approached the Arco dei Gavi, a huge roman white marble arch (like a smaller Arc de Triomphe in Paris) with graffiti on it...

But this is this is quite a peculiar phenomenon, grown on very unique basis and I think the municipality of Verona should do something more. People come from everywhere to see Juliet and sign their names. There is an organization that receives thousands of letters (like a love agony column...)and each one receives a reply, whatever the language. Certainly the town owes a big slice of the tourist income to Shakespeare, so, I think they don't want to be strict on the graffiti issue in this very place.

Although, I think they should handle it in a different way and I have my own idea. I would install removable panels and let the people write on them and eventually make a permanent exhibition in different indoors town sites, or sell them...a graffiti made by lovers from all over the world...

If you have other ideas, please let me know, I might present them to the Mair!


Walker said...

Same the world over for these special places.

Anonymous said...

You know,.......I couldn't agree with you more. And I love your idea.

lunarossa said...

Valeria, it is a disgrace that historical places are defaced by the monstrosities. Graffiti might be considered art in the NYC subways or on those horrible walls always stations etc. but not on public buildings! You're idea is excellent, Valeria, try to submit it to the city council. Ciao. A.

Kitty said...

whew, what a mess!
I'm surprised to see such a scene in Italy. I don't know why, I always associate neglect with the US or other countries.

in cities the corners with abandoned buildings are the most precarious. No one feels responsible for these areas, so they go to waste. It's a shame.

have a lovely weekend, Valeria!

nobu said...

I like your idea too, Valeria.

I remember that some Japanese students scribbled on the wall of a cathedral in Rome and became a big problem in Japan last year.

Even if they want to leave a record to visit there, it is a selfish thought to scribble on calutual asets.

Virginia said...

I have gone on a rant or two about this kind of "urban polllution" myself. It's a shame that people can't find more acceptable ways to express their thoughts! Your idea is a wonderful one!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

I love your idea, Valeria.
I am torn between the idea that some consider graffiti as art while I dislike the idea of vandalizing buildings, especially historic landmarks.
Removable screens would be a GREAT idea and an interesting exhibit. You should definitely tell your mayor!

Ming the Merciless said...

I agree with you. And you idea of the panel sounds great. That way, the place remains clean but yet tourists can come and leave a message on the board.

Lost in Sicily said...

hey, great can you make that happen??? those layers of words and colors are archaeology of the modern heart!

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