Monday, January 19, 2009


Another little corner of the city centre with many little details to notice. First of all, another Telephone round sign (see the other one here) above the entrance of this little Bar- Pizzeria.
Then there is this old fashioned red sign "Pizza al Taglio" which signals that pizza here is sold in slices or pieces, rather than on a plate. On the right side you can see a bit of a marble frame nicely carved into rosso veronese, a fine local marble. 


nobu said...

Those details tlak much.

Saretta said...

I like it when you post photos of ordinary Verona. There is so much beauty there, but also regular stuff, too!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Love this photo, Valeria. Wish I could have a slice of that wonderful pizza!

La casa nella prateria said...

Ciao Valeria, scrivi ancora sull'altro blog? Ho visto che lo hai riservato agli invitati... mi piacerebbe continuare a leggervi!

Claudia - lacasanellaprateria74 (at)

lunarossa said...

Lovely shot, Valeria, everything matches so well, the old balcony, the telephone sign, the Pizza board sweet, so Italian. Ciao. A.

Ming the Merciless said... I know what pizza al taglio means. I had some delicious pizza by the slice in Rome and Florence recently.

Wish I was in Rome now.

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