Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A demonstration was held yesterday in Piazza Bra. A relatively small group of people expressed their support for the Palestinians against the Israel. You can see one of the banners they displayed, it reads "We are all palestinians". 

When I walked back the people were still there, shouting their slogans. It was raining mildly and people walked by.


nobu said...

Impressive photo.
And details are clear and fine.

rob said...

Ciao Valeria! COn l'anno nuovo hai fatto un salto di qualità notevole. Foto bellissime! Computer e macchina nuova ma anche tanta creatività.
Che macchina fotografica usi ora?

Walker said...

We had the same happen in San Diego, small group.

mkhansen said...

Even though it is a demonstration, the atmosphere is one as if lit by diamonds. This is a very nice contrast to the black and white photo you posted two days ago.

Kitty said...

nice night photo!
I like the texture of the cobblestones.

anytime the ground is wet is a good time for a photo-op. They spend big bucks on wetting the asphalt for movies and tv

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