Tuesday, January 6, 2009

B/W romantic promenade

First of all I want to say thankyou to all of you, blogger friends, for your  very very kind comments, they really do make me happy...! I am trying to improve but I must say that both my new computer and my new camera do help a lot!

Now, the photo. I took it the other day, on my walk in the "Foggy day", just a few hundred meters down the Lungadige. From this angle you can see the Ponte Pietra in the mist and the side entrance of Santa Anastasia church. 
Believe me: this is a perfectly romantic walk for lovers!


Christina Klas said...

what a great shot... reminds me of the shots I took on our dreary/foggy day!

Thanks for sharing

lunarossa said...

Lovely photo and I will come some time in the future and walk along the path, although my lovers' days are long gone! Buona Befana a te ed Elena, cara Valeria. Ciao. Antonella

Kitty said...

lovely. I really like how black the tree came out.
It gives a great range to the monochrome.

Looks cold!

nobu said...

Beautiful and fantastic.
I love the scenery of the town veiled by fog.

Tamera said...

It's so pretty!

mkhansen said...

You got both sharp and soft into the same shot. Very nice!

Karen said...

Just stumbled upon your lovely site. Thank you for giving a girl in PA such beauty as seen through an artist's eyes..

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