Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unusual sight

I was walking by the river the other day and I was admiring the bright velvety moss that grows on the trees along the river, when I came near to this huge american car. 
A big 80's (?) Ford, quite a striking presence in the narrow italian streets...
In the photo you can also admire Palazzo Ottolini, a fine XVIII building facing River Adige.


brattcat said...

The car does seem so out of place on that street. Like a big, loud tourist...taking up more than its allotted space.

nobu said...

Thoes trees with moss are beautiful and impressive.

Lindab said...

I hope they can get it out again - it looks rather wedged in.

And the green trunks of the trees are lovely.

Madison Avenue Baby said...

What a beautiful walkway. I do love the moss on the trees too.
As for that Ford, we don't see that many of those even here in the US. But Fords last forever. My friend still has a Ford truck from 1971.

Ming the Merciless said...

Great shot, Valeria. The angle of the photograph really makes the car look imposing and gigantic.

Also, love the mossy tree. I noticed a lot of moss growing in Rome too.

Tamera said...

I think that car is from the 70's! I'm pretty sure my dad had one. How funny it looks in your Italian city!

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