Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekly closing day

I took this photo some time ago but on an equally rainy day (actually today it began with snow which later turned into a continuous, sad, rain).

These are the outside tables of the Pizzeria we often go to. It was closing day but chairs and tables remain outside. A guy took advantage of the opportunity to sit undisturbed and read his newspaper under the umbrellas.


nobu said...

It seems very cold.
If he read the paper so slowly, he might be frozen.

By the way,do you remember the snowman I said.
you can see snowman in Tokyo in my Tokyo blog.
Snowman Fair

Virginia said...

Cold but the view is so magnificent I can hardly blame him.

Saretta said...

I like the way you have the bicycle handlebars in the foreground.

Fio said...

Great composition with lots of feeling!

lunarossa said...

Great location for a pizzeria. Free musci as well in the summer? Ciao. A.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oh, what a beautiful photo! I love that there are so many outdoor seating in the middle of the city. I wish NYC has more of this.

BTW, the bicycles in the foreground add a lot of character to the photo.

Lindab said...

He must have been very keen to read the paper if he was happy to sit in the cold.

Judging by the crane in the background you're putting up a new colosseum in Verona?!

Babzy said...

beautiful shot ,i like the framing and the bikes on the foreground :)

Petrus said...

Nice shot - I love Italy..

Sabatino Di Giuliano said...

Galleria di Verona
Cosa ne pensi?

Sabatino Di Giuliano said...

Il primo piano dei manubri di biclicletta danno una personalizzazione all'immagine. Ottimo

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