Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An interesting corner!

This photo sums up a few important details about Verona:

1. Valerio Catullo, was born in Verona - about I a.C., famous poet of his time, 
    he was probably the first veronese to become famous. Our airport is named 
    after him. 
2. The beautiful marble ornament (a Siren) is one of the many roman
    stones scattered in town.
3. Fashion, not a detail here in Verona but a big business. Lots of famous
    designers opened their flag shops in the three top shopping streets (this one is     Corso Portoni Borsari and the famous designer is Etro). 
4. It's raining again!


Vogon Poet said...

Nice photo, funny (and intersting) post...

Clueless in boston said...

Nice shot. I like the store window and the little bit of history of Verona. Better rain than snow:)

Babooshka said...

We too have just rain. It is so chic and funny.

nobu said...

That window is attractive.
Lovely street scean in the rain.

Anonymous said...

(something went wrong with the first attemp to post a comment)

You're Goooooddd!! Alway love the info part. One of my favorite streets the C.P. Borsari and the rain reallllllly depresses me A LOT!!

smeeko said...

I found this blog a few days ago. I grew up in Verona and now I am in far-away Colorado. Thanks for bringing my hometown a little closer each day.

Magari ci possiamo incontrare la prossima volta che torno in citta'.

Lost in Sicily said...

I like all the details of the shot (and especially the Etro style!). The Roman stone is pretty amazing.

Sabatino Di Giuliano said...

Mi piacerebbe che tu vedessi la mia foto su Verona. Amo questa città e quando posso ci vengo solo per respirare la cultura di cui e' impregnata: Verona
Mi piace il tuo blog, molto fimne elegante e pulito
Stay tuned

Babzy said...

beautiful shot and thanks for the explanations,rain makes us appreciate sun ;)

Kitty said...

oh I like this detail, how odd it is. Everything about this is so graphic, with the house number and the street sign.

love that you got a bit of the street alongside!

Randy said...

Great shot. I love the blue umbrella!

Ann said...

One of the things I love abut Italy is the bits of Roman ruins scattered around.

MaCoBra said...

Love the Roman stone detail!

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