Sunday, February 8, 2009

Path to the river

A few years ago this bit of the Adige was much, much dryer. You could walk down this path to the stony shore. We often took our dog there where he liked to play and put his feet in the shallow water. 
The river changed over the years and now the water runs over the marble where once you could walk on, to the shore.
In the last few years some stretches of the town shoreline were improved or simply cleaned from weeds. A few steps back from here, on the right, a nice path runs along the river, all the way to the next bridge.


nanak said...

the water looks very clear and clean, unlike the river in my city

Guy D said...

This is an outstanding photo, thanks so much for sharing. I added your great blog to my followers list so i can return often to see more of your work.

Regina In Pictures

nobu said...

Nice angle and beautiful scenery.

Jilly said...

What a stunning photograph. Such detail in the beautiful stones and water and then that bridge and the houses behind. Beautiful Verona!

When you used to walk your dog here I wonder if the water was Ok for him to drink?

Sabatino Di Giuliano said...

L'acqua e' un elemento essenziale della vita. E Verona ha anche questo!
Magica città

Lost in Sicily said...

That's a beautiful shot. Love the colors of the river, the disappearing path and the view of the houses through the bridge. Verona looks more beautiful than ever!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Very nice photo!

Joe Cottonwood said...

Love the photo, the ripple of the water, the mass of the bridge. Curious about the construction: Was the bridge rebuilt? The bottom of the bridge looks newer than the top! How is that possible?

Ming the Merciless said...

Excellent photo! I love the stones showing at the shallow end of the river.

The water looks pretty clear and clean.

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