Sunday, February 15, 2009

St. Bernardino and the demons

This is one of the many beautiful paintings that make the Church of San Bernardino an art jewel. The church was built during the XV century and it has a beautiful cloister completely paved with marble tombstones and plaques. 
Walking along the cloisters you can admire the paintings that, I guess, tell the story of San Bernardino from Siena. 
This one caught my attention: I think it celebrates the Saint that chases the demons out of town.


Virginia said...

Your cities have so much rich history and art. I love to see it all. Grazie

Babzy said...

beautiful painting , you really need to enlarge to see details , it's surrealist ! !

Hilda said...

Those demons are scary. And what is that man with the barrel doing to the other guy?

Lovely and interesting painting! And the colors are still so bright!

nobu said...

Wonderful painting.
Eapecially I love those bright colour.

Sabatino Di Giuliano said...

beautiful painting, colours and shape like naif style, very nice.

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