Sunday, June 13, 2010

Magic gate

Of course it's not magic, but I like to think it is... You are in Piazza Erbe, under the arches of the Domus Mercatorum and you are attracted by the black curly gate, so you step closer and closer and push it. In a flash of light you swirl into the past... back into the centuries when the Domus Mercatorum had just being built in stone (1301 as you see it now) and it was of key importance in the development of the merchants corporations over the centuries.

7 comments: said...

The flash reflected off the iron gate makes this jump off the computer screen. My wife and I (and 11 friends and family) just returned from two weeks in Italy. Alas, we were at Lake Como and Milan, but did not have time in our schedule to return to Verona.

Denise Scaramai said...

Mi piace il tuo blog!
è soggetto per 'viaggio' lungo!

Hilda said...

Your monochrome shot makes the gate look wonderfully mysterious. Love it.

Eleonora said...

Mysterious and magic indeed!
But while you folks explore the darkness behind this wrought iron delight, I think I'll wait in the piazza Erbe sipping my Spritz!


T. Becque said...

Nice photo! I like the darkness (in the picture, not in life :))

Amy said...

I love everything about this photo - the angle, lighting, subject. It's inspiring.

Petrea said...

I love the way you wrote this!

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