Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Lucia

Every 13rd December Verona celebrates Santa Lucia. Children receive presents (as well as Christmas...) and the typical stalls sell a variety of handicraft, food, toys, tools... the list goes on and on. 
It's a very old tradition and the veronesi are really fond of this festivity that is observed only in Sicily and in a few other towns here in the north.
The first poem that my daughter, aged 3, was taught at school is dedicated to this beloved Saint!

If you want to learn more about Santa Lucia festivity, my friend Antonella wrote an interesting piece, look here!


Hilda said...

I just learned about Sta. Lucia this week — very interesting, especially the custom of eating St. Lucy's eyes!

I like the contrast of the sleek shooting star beside the old stone building.

nobu said...

Nice view.

The word of Italian that I heard for the first time was "Santa Lucia".

mkhansen said...

I like the gentle feeling this photo has, even with a spiky star right in the middle of it.

I always thought St. Lucia was a just Swedish holiday (the festival of lights). Is it celebrated with a crown of candles in Italy?

lunarossa said...

Bellissima foto, Valeria. Anch'io ho scritto un post su St Lucia che qui in Inghilterra nessuno conosce. Bacioni. A

Lost in Sicily said...

happy Santa Lucia! and thanks for your sweet message...I hope to keep writing from LA, we'll see if I can manage! But I know I'll be able to take a peek at your pics as I am now a Verona addict!

Ming the Merciless said...

Ahhh...they look like the holiday market in NYC.

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