Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reflection in a puddle

Surprise in a little puddle in the middle of the square...
The big Christmas tree top reflects on the typical "Sanpietrini" pavement.


nobu said...

Wonderful Shot, Valeria.
It's just like a mirror.
You never miss the chance.

By the way,at first sight on this photo,I wondered what it is.
Because I didn't know the word "puddle".
I thought it was a dog.

lunarossa said...

Bellissima idea, Valeria. Really great! E' gia' arrivata da voi la neve? Qui un'imbiancata oggi che ha bloccato tutto....Buona giornata. Antonella

Fastidiosa said...

C'est magnifique!

Sarah D said...


Madison Avenue Baby said...

I love this shot.
Now I'm laughing at Nobu's comment.
He is funny.
(I do not see a "dog" in this photo).

lunarossa said...

I think Nobu was confusing "puddle" with poodle (a kind of dog)...:)))))

Ken Mac said...

this is great, so humble, and gentle.

jill said...

Very nice photo Valeria. Love the reflection.

Rossana said...

Torno su questa foto, perché ieri sono rimasta rapita.

Lost in Sicily said...

wonderful image...it seems more like a painting than a photo!

Espresso said...

Great idea :)

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