Friday, December 19, 2008

Back to the first century B.C.

Verona hosts one of the richest collections of Roman remains in Northern Italy.
This is the biggest roman excavation in town and I love it. I often stop by and admire the variety of structures, the shapes, the bricks and the huge stones and wonder how many hidden treasures there might be under my feet as I walk in the city centre.
I also like to observe the sophisticated architectural work that made the site perfectly visible from the street level.
This site marked the south-western border of the roman Verona, accessible through Porta dei Leoni which is a few steps to the left. 


JM said...

Yes, these are truly amazing! I remember visiting an underground exhibition of underwater photography by David Doubilet; the place and lights were awesome! I think the entrance was at Piazza dei Signori, but I am not sure now...

mkhansen said...

This is such a good idea, and so well done. How wonderful to be able to walk among the ruins in this everyday way. Your photo captures it spectacularly.

Valeria, you do an excellent job of representing Verona.

Ming the Merciless said...

What an interesting and beautiful way to present of historic artifacts. I think it's brilliant.

lunarossa said...

I love the yellow colour of the shot. It looks like an old-fashion picture, from the 60s for example. Have a nice weekend. Ciao. Antonella

ruma2008 said...

The brightness of the town of the dusk is splendid.

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