Friday, April 23, 2010

Street scene with strawberries and a Vespa!

Sunny morning, a few days ago. I have just left the Church of Santa Maria in Organo and my head is still spinning for all the beauty I tried to take in (please see my posts of the church!!!) and photograph (ceilings included...).
I am on Via Carducci here, a busy place, with many shops and people walking by, like this girl with a big tray full of strawberries...mmmhh, I'd fancy a nice cup of strawberries and cream, fragole e panna!

You will forgive me for (again) breaking the rules and posting another photo...I spotted this lovely pale blue Vespa coming right into the street and I just wanted to show it to you, as it is, with no doubts, an italian icon!


brattcat said...

The vespa matches the sky.

Saretta said...

That's a cute older Vespa!

Lily Hydrangea said...

lovely street scenes! & coincidentally I just brought home some strawberries myself.

:: Gina :: said...

thats my vespa!

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