Saturday, April 17, 2010

Church of S. Maria in Organo #3

They are not paintings but woden inlays! My astonishment, as I visited this chuch the other day, grew more and more as I explored the choir, right behind the altar. In the XVI century, a monk called Giovanni from Verona executed one of the most outstanding inlay work.
Perspectives of buildings and furniture, allegories and charachters, objects and still-life make a rare example of the kind. (his works are also in the sacristy, about which I posted the day before yesterday). Giorgio Vasari included Giovanni da Verona in his "Vite" (Life of the most eminent painters, sculptors and architects).
If you'll ever come to Verona, make sure you visit this beautiful church!


T. Becque said...

I like the the repetition and the "God like" light coming through! The b&w is nice.

Lachezar said...

Thanks for this post!
Truly amazing work. I can just imagine how thrilling is to see it in person!

Eleonora said...

Pazzesco! These wonderful photos reveal this church's incredible treasure. Look at that awesome craftwork. Unbelievable...

brattcat said...

That top image truly is lit with a divine glow.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I never would have thought to shoot the choir in black & white. It's wonderful. I agree that this small church is a marvel. So glad you are giving it a wider audience.

Noxalio said...

a wonderful choice
of subject ... and
a superb b&w shot.

magicpolaroid said...

incredible photos! how are u? here a little sick!
have a good week end!

Petrea said...

Magnificent. I've enjoyed your posts about this church. I enjoy all your posts about your beautiful city.

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