Sunday, April 18, 2010

Church of S. Maria in Organo #4

I can't change subject. I was so stunned by the beauty of this little church that I can't help showing you some of the (many) picturese I took. I find this one particularly interesting: there are plenty of details (I suggest you click on the photo to enlarge it) like the beautiful worn floor, the columns, the paintings (every single inch of the walls and ceilings is remarkably painted), the light.
But I want to point out that marble plaque on the left on which is marked the level that reached the waters on the day of one of the most dramatic floods of the river Adige, the 17th september 1882. There are several similar stones scattered in town marking the water levels on different dates (if I am not wrong, the worst was this one of 1882) and whenever I see one, I can't but shiver thinking of what a nightmare it must have been...


Babzy said...

beautiful atmosphere, the level of the flood is really scary , love the little candles lights... have a nice sunday :)

brattcat said...

How heartbreaking it must have been to go inside the church during and after the flood. But how the community must have worked together to restore its beauty.

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