Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Close up on the base of the huge columns of Palazzo Barbieri, home of the town Council.
Across the road you can see the medieval walls and the "Bar Bra" (named after Piazza Bra, a few steps ahead), whose premises are straight into the walls. I definitely must remember this café for one of my "midmorning" coffees...


Petrea said...

I came to your blog because I'm visiting (or trying to visit) all the tributes to Eric. I landed here and never left! I'm in love with Verona and your photos of it.
I've seen all of 2010, but it's late in California now and I'll have to come back for 2008 and 2009. (I think I'm addicted.) Thank you for your beautiful photos!

Babzy said...

Great angle , i love old stones !!

brattcat said...

You have a real gift for composing images with interesting texture, Valeria.

Ken Mac said...

my kind of shot! Love it, the grain, the grit, the depth of field

lemon said...

I definitely would be excited to have a nice coffee with you in this cozy cafe!

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