Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Osteria Sottoriva

Osteria Sottoriva is the oldest osteria of Verona. Three hundred years of history, back when the water lapped right outside the door and the clients were mainly the boatmen that worked on the river Adige.
The menu is typical: pasta e fagioli, pastisada de caval with polenta, Monte Veronese cheese, local salumi, vegs soup. Hard eggs and fried polpette (meatballs) are at the bar where you can to stand and have a good glass of wine, like those men, probably regulars who come for the "goto", a little glass of white local wine. No booking, no coffee, no commercial drinks (coke, sprite, etc.). A handwritten note (see between the lamps) says: servizio lento, slow service!

I love this place!


Frank said...

It's obvious why you love this place. It could not look more perfect or inviting. It would be MY place to hang out, too.

Love the SLOW SERVICE sign.

Christina said...

I love your blog for these types of photos! Glimpses into the everyday beauty of the city.

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