Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Mille Miglia #2

Click to enlarge!

Here is another photo from the Mille Miglia in town.  
See the official website here!


nori said...

i love this picture too!

lakeviewer said...

When is the race?

Fio said...

Con la vecchia targa!..
Ti ho gia' scritto che AMO le tuo foto bianconere?

Jilly said...

The Mille Miglia is such a fantastic race. So glad you are covering it. Great photos. The atmosphere must be extraordinary.

henny said...

And here I noticed police number of this car. Never seen such thing before.
PS: I have given the link to my brother. He grew up watching Italian League :). Thank you, too, I'm happy to know you and being around other photobloggers. Sorry, but with my schedule now I hardly have time for Facebook, I'll add you once I have one. About English, it's never be my forte :). Happy weekend, Valeria.

Saretta said...

ROMA 26? That's old!

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

Lovely pictures, the b&w and colour!
Great car, would love to drive around Bath in one of those.

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