Thursday, January 6, 2011

Roman guards never stop working!

The roman guards never stop working, even in bad weather and snow!
Although today we had a hint of snow in the morning followed by icy rain, a few weeks ago Verona was under a white blanket that lasted a few days. Took this pic in the afternoon when the snowfall was consistent.


Babzy said...

Funny shot with mixed centuries ;)

nobu said...

They look tough.
I like those soft lights in the snow.

Happy new year, Valeria!

brattcat said...

what a capture. i feel as if i've been caught in a time machine malfunction.

Randy said...

Wonderful snow photo!

Elisa Stocco said...

Bellissimissima Vale!!!

Sharon said...

I love this photo! There is so much going on.

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