Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pasticceria Miozzi

It's been long time since I last posted a "coffee related" photo. Well, here is one, or rather, two!
I went to the Pasticceria Miozzi for a "midmorning" coffee where I enjoyed this lovely "caffè macchiato" and a tiny "bigné" filled with chantilly cream. The icy cold weather outside made this break even more enjoyable and cosy.
On the counter you can see a "Panettone" a cake that, along with "Pandoro" is one of the typical italian Christmas cakes (the latter is tipically veronese, made by Bauli, Melegatti and Paluani). Some "pasticcerie" make their own, like Miozzi, and they are sold exclusively in the shop.

Thanks every one out there for the Christmas wishes. I hope you, too, had a paceful Christmas and that you are enjoying the season holidays!


Kate said...

It looks like a MOST pleasant stop.

Fio said...

Che bello! E... la tazza ho gia' rubato ;-))
Un saluto!

Her Art Nest said...

Exquisite photo! Love, love, love what you capture. Happy New Year!! Hugs from Michigan USA, Nancy

Jack said...

It seems to be a very inviting coffee shop. The barista looks like he was cast by Hollywood to play the role. You can show similar places any time!

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